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Friday, August 10, 2012

Thayir Pachadi Varieties Best Biryani Side dish Tamil Preparation

Thayir Pachadi Varieties
There are different types thayir pachadi varieties are prepared in tamil nadu as a side dish for meals.   Thayir pachadi recipe preparation is very simple,  easy and very nutritious too. It is very healthy because we use the raw vegetable for this thayir pashadi preparation. The common vegetables used are tomato, Beetroot, carrot, vellarikka (cucumber), onion, Nellikai and vazhaithandu.
Best thayir pachadi for biryani: vengayam thayir pachadi (onion thayir pachadi) and cucumber thayir pachadi are the excellent combination for Tamil veg and non-veg  biryani.

Vendakka thayir pachadi recipe:  Cut into thin slices and put in fresh cure, sauté with mustard anc curry leaves. You can also use the fired vensakka for Vendakkai thayir pachadi   (ladies finger) prepration.
Tomato thayir pachadi : Chop into very thin slices, add 1 chopped big onion and 1 chilli. You can also put some chopped cucumber with Thakkali thayir pachadi .
Beetroot thayir pachadi: Cut beetroot into small pieces, add coconut and Asafoetida with curd, sauté with mustard and curry leaves.
Nellikai thayir pachadi: Put the chopped Nellikai in curd add salt and 2 tsp grated coconut.
Vengayam thayir pachadi: This is usual onion pachadi always use thinly chopped onion and fresh curd.  
Vellarikka thayir pachadi: Use thin slices of cucumber and one finely chopped tomato for cucumber curd pachadi.
Vazhaithandu thayir pachadi : Remove the outer layer and chop the Vazhaithandu. Grind and prepare the paste of ( 1 chilli and 2tsp grated coconut). Add this paste in the curd with Banana Stump and sauté with mustard.
Carrot thayir pachadi: add chopped cucumber and carrot in fresh curd with salt and sauté in usual manner. 

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