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Monday, August 20, 2012

Rice Butter Mullu Murukku Recipe Tamil nadu Preparation

Mullu Murukku Recipe Tamil nadu Preparation
Murukku Tamil recipe is one if the best snacks variety which is prepared in Tamil nadu during diwali festival.  There are different varieties of murukku are prepared by Tamil language people. Which includes mullu murukku recipe,  arisi murukku tamil style, thenkuzhal murukku recipe, butter murukku recipe tamil style and Achu murukku recipe. You can prepare all varieties by using the same flour but the difference is in the combination and different murukku achu.  

Mullu Murukku Tamil Recipe Ingredients
Boiled rice  - 1 kg
Urad dal  - 300 g
Sesame  - 25 g
Asafoetida - 1/2 tsp
Butter - 1 cup
Chilli powder – 2tsp
Oil - 1 Litre
Salt – as required

How to make Rice Butter Mullu Murukku Recipe Tamil nadu Style
Clean the rice, soak it for about three hours. Dry it in the shadow and grind it by rice grinding mill.

Dry fry the urad dal and grind nicely. Dry fry the sesame and keep it aside.

Just warm (should not heat) the butter, add half of the rice flour, urad flour, salt and sesame.

Heat 3tsp of oil and mix with the above prepared flour. Mix well and add little water and make like chapatti flour.

Then by using different murukku achu preprare Mullu Murukku, kai arisi murukku, thenkuzhal murukku and achu muruku .

If it is too hard,  add little water and mix it properly. Visit murukku tamil recipe video in you tube for getting picture demonstrations.

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