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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tamil Samayal Kurippugal South Indian Tips

Here I have given some South Indian samayal Kurippugal tamil tips for you.

When you are boiling egg, sometimes it will broken and the content will come out you can avoid this by adding Vinegar.

Ø  Add some cardamom with milk while boiling. This will keep the milk fresh for long time.

Ø  You can store the boiled potatoes in the refrigerator by adding few drops of Vinegar.

Ø  The cooked vessels have some stain even though we wash it properly. This this case, use lemon pieces dipped with salt and rub the vessel.

Ø  While preparing tomato korma grind and add some raw onion. The taste will be more delicious than normal.

Ø  If you put more salt in korma or kuzhambu just make the ball of boiled rice and add two rice balls. This will absorb the excess salt. Alternatively you can add potato pieces and boil for some time.     

Ø  Put a pinch of sugar while boiling green vegetables including green peas to avoid the discoloration.
Ø  When you are preparing cure at home add three tsp of rice cooked water (vessel cooked) to get solid curd cakes.
Ø  Put omam in curd rice preparation to get delicious and tasty curd rice recipe.
Ø  If you want to prepare dosa in non fermented mix just add 50ml of curd with the dosa mix. You will get crispy dosai.
  The given samayal kurippugal in tamil language samayal help you to adjust the situation without wasting the food. Visitors can share your tips in Tamil font also in comment section.

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