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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diwali Festival samayal Tamil nadu Sweet Adhirasam Recipe Preparation

Festival samayal Tamil nadu Sweet Adhirasam Recipe
Today’s special in my blog is sweet recipe. Festival samayal tamil nadu adhirasam recipe Preparation is very famous during the important festival days like Diwali, pongal and new year.   adhirasam recipe in Tamil nadu style is my favorite sweet dish my grand mother usually prepare this adhirasam recipe with rice flour and jaggery, alternatively she use sugar also but the taste is very traditional when she use jaggery.
Ingredients required for Festival Samayal Tamil nadu Sweet Adhirasam recipe  
Raw rice (pacharisi 1 kg
Jaggery – 750gm
Cardamom – 5gm
Gingelly (seasame) oil – little
Ghee – 25ml

How to make Festival samayal Tamil nadu Sweet adhirasam recipe  
This is same like adhirasam recipe mallika badrinath preparation,  try it for this diwali.

Soak the rice in water for about one hour and drain the water.
Dry the rice in the shadow by putting on a white cloth.
Then grind nicely and filter it in a solid filter.
Prepare jiggery syrup (kambi patham – take a drop and put on little water – it becomes solid ball)  
 Then put the rice flour and stir continuously with out leaving.
Then add the cardamom powder and ghee, stir continuously.
Form it evenly and spread one spoon of ghee and close it tightly.
Let it cool for 2 days and make adhirasam shape and fry in gingelly oil
Delicious deepavali sweet adhirasam is ready to taste.
For the preparation of Jaggery syrup watch adhirasam recipe video you tube

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