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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sukku Malli Tea Recipe Tamil Preparation Method

Sukku Malli Tea
Sukku Malli tea recipe preparation is coming in Tamil medicinal recipes making Mthod. Sukku and Malli are considered as medicinal herbs from ancient days. They are used to treat many diseases naturally with out any side effects. In my first I have given the simple preparation method of sukku malli coffee. This post gives you the method of Sukku Malli Tea Recipe preparation. You can use sukku and malli podi which is prepared already for chukku malli coffee.

Sukku Malli Tea Ingredients
Almost the ingredients are same like sukku malli coffee ingredients but you have to add 2 drops of lemon juice for Sukku Malli Tea.
Fresh milk ½ cup
Water ½ cup
Green tea 1tsp
Sukku powder 1tsp
Lemon juice 2drops
Malli powder1/2tsp
Sugar as per your taste

Sukku Malli Tea Tamil Preparation
·         Mix milk and water. Keep it in stove
·         Add green tea, sukku powder, malli powder
·         Let it to boil for 2 minutes in low flame
·         Then filter it and add lemon juice and sugar.
·         This is called   Sukku Malli Tea.

Refer this blog for how to Prepare Sukku malli kappi recipe
Note: the taste will be good if you add jaggery instead of sugar. Black tea is delicious than adding milk.

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