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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Karuvadu Kulambu Tamil Chettinadu Recipe

Karuvadu Kulambu Recipe
Karuvadu Kulambu is prepared in different style. Chettinadu Karuvadu Kulambu is very famous all over Tamilnadu. The taste of this recipe is unique and special. Here I have given very simple recipe for the preparation of Chettinad Karuvadu Kulambu.

Ingredients for Karuvadu Kulambu Tamil Chettinadu Recipe
• 200 gm Karuvadu Salted fish
• 100gm Fresh Mochaai
• 4 Kathirikai
• 2 medium sized Onion (chopped )
• 2 medium sized Tomato, (chopped)
• 1 tsp fenugreek seeds
• bunch of  Curry Leaves
• Tamarind juice 100gm
• ½ tsp Turmeric Powder
• 11/2 tsp sambar powder
• 1tsp Coriander seeds Powder
• Salt as required
• Oil as required
• Coconut paste1/4 cup
How to make Karuvadu Kulambu
       We have to add two vegetables with Karuvadu Kulambu Tamil style  preparation, Mochaai and Kathirikai.

 1. We are using fresh Mochaai so no need to soak it, Just wash it well.
 2. Take a pan and pout little oil. Add fenugreek seeds and curry leaves.
 3. Then put the finely chopped onion and tomatoes, stir well in low flame.
 4. Add the chopped brinjal and Mochaai and keep it to fry well.
 5. Add turmeric powder, sambar powder and coriander seeds power. Mix the ingredients well.
 6. Then put karuvadu and fry well. Add water to make the exact  consistency.

 7. If Karuvadu Kulambu tamil recipe is cooked well, add the coconut paste and let to get one boil. Switch off the stove.
 8. Karuvadu kulambu recipe is ready to taste. It is the best side dish for rice and Ragi Kali.
 9. You can Prepare Nethili karuvadu kulambu recipe in the same style. 

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