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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kalan kulambu Recipe Tamil Kuzhambu Gravy Samayal

Kalan kulambu Recipe in Tamil Style
If you are a vegetarians and expecting a delicious dish, which compensate the taste of Tamil Koli Kulambu. Here is the recipe equal to non vegetarian samayal. Kalan kulambu (kalan gravy) prepared inTamil style is very delicious. The other main varieties prepared in Tamilnadu with mushroom are kalan biryani, kalan fry, and Follow the simple preparation steps stated below for your cooking.  

Ingredients required for Kalan kulambu Recipe Tamil Nadu Style
Mushroom: 400 gram
Pepper: 50gm
Cardamom: 5
Cinnamon: A small piece
Ginger garlic paste: 2tsp
Ani seeds: 1tsp
Poppy seeds: 1tsp
Clove: 6
Grated Coconut : 1
Tomato: 4
Small onion: 100m
Curry leaves as required
Coriander powder: 2 tsp
Chilli powder: 4 tsp
Oil: as required
Salt: as required

How to Prepare Kalan kulambu Recipe in Tamul style gravy
Kalan recipe in Tamil nadu style is very delicious and it is best side dish for idly, dosai, rice and chapatti.
  • Fry the Pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and grid like a fine paste.
  • Grind the coconut and extract milk by adding warm water.
  • Extract coconut milk 2 times by adding 200ml of water each time.
  • Wash and cut the mushrooms in to medium sized pieces.
  • Chop onion and cut the tomatoes into small pieces.  
  • Pour 50ml of oil in a pressure pan, put curry leaves, and ginger garlic paste.
  • Fry in sim flame then add the ground masala paste and stir well.
  • Then add the chopped onion and tomatoes pieces, add salt and mix well .
  • Finally add the mushroom pieces, mix well and add coriander, chilli powder.
  • Let the Kalan kulambu Recipe gravy (consistence must be thick) to boil for two minutes.
  • Pour coconut milk in the boiling Kalan kulambu and leave it for a boil.
  • Add coconut oil to prepare Kalan recipe Kerala style mushroom gravy.

Kalan kulambu Recipe is ready to taste. Now the consistence will come to the stage of kulambu and enjoy the delicious taste.   


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Kalan the very Delicious food naturally available and seasonal. There are many Kalan recipe in tamil Nadu style preparation.

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