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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vegetarian and Non Veg Samayal Kurippu in Tamil Recipes Preparation

Samayal Kurippu in Tamil Cooking 
This page is the information of Vegetarian and non veg samayal kurippu in Tamil Recipes Preparation. There are many samayal kurippu tamil books are available but online sources helps better to resolve your kitchen mistakes.

Samayal Kurippu in Tamil non veg

1.   While washing fish, add some salt with the water and wash it. This will remove the bad fish odour.
2.   While preparing dry fish kuzhambu, soak the fish in salted cold water half an before cooking.
3.   Cholesterol patients can not eat the fried fish. Cut the fish into small pieces, add salt, pepper, and lemon jice. Leave it for some time and steam cook it by using the idli cooker. The taste will be excellent.
4.   The mutton or chicken pieces are too hard add little lemon juice. It will become smooth and soft.
5.   After eating heavy non veg meal. Drink a glass of lemon juice to promote the digestion.     

Samayal Kurippu in Tamil veg
         1. Some vegetable lose its green colour while cutting and cooking. To retain the green colour add little sugar and salt while cutting and cooking.
         2. samayal kurippu sambar: If you put more salt in sambar add some potato pieces. This will absorb the excess salt.
          3. Revathi shanmugam samayal kurippu: While preparing any recipe, add little fried gram dal powder to get softness.
         4. Malika badrinath samayal kurippu in Tamil: While drinking milk add jaggery instead of  sugar. It is very healthy and improve iron content.
       5. Samayal kurippu sweets: While preparing sweets the sugar syrup  preparation is very important. Ensure the mixing point by adding sugar syrup drops in eater. It will become hard. This is the correct point 

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