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Monday, September 3, 2012

En samayal ulagam Tasty Egg Kulambu Recipe in Tamil Style

Egg Kulambu Recipe 
This is En samayal ulagam my favorite Tasty Egg Kulambu Recipe in Tamil Style. Egg Kulambu samayal is mostly favorite of all non vegetarian people.  Samayal Egg Kulambu is the best side dish for breakfast varieties, white rice and even for variety rice including Tamil style biryani. The taste resembles chicken and mutton kulambu. When compare to other non veg kulamnu the preparation of Egg Kulambu recipe samayal is very easy and simple.

Tamil Egg Kulambu Recipe Ingredients
Egg – 4
Sambar onion – 1 cup
Tomato – 2
Ginger garlic paste – 2tsp
Coriander powder – 1tsp
Chilli powder – 2tsp
Poppy seeds – 1tsp
Funnel seeds – 1/2tsp
Cinnamon - 1
Coriander leaves – a bunch
Coconut – 1/2 cup
Oil – little
Salt as required

How to Prepare Tamil Egg Kulambu Recipe
  1. Boil the eggs by adding little salt as in our usual method.
  2. Let it to cool and cut in to two by lengthwise and keep it ready.
  3. Fry half of the onion by adding little oil and keep it aside.
  4. Chop the remaining onion and tomatoes.
  5. Grind coconut, fried onion, coriander leaves,  Poppy and funnel seeds together.
  6. Take a vessel, add little oil and put Cinnamon, ginger garlic paste.
  7. Then add the chopped onion and tomatoes, fry well and add all power ingredients.
  8. Add a cup of water and ground egg kulambu recipe in Tamil ingredients.
  9. Put salt and let to boil for ten to fifteen minutes, finally add boiled egg and mix gently.
  10. Note: you can add water as per your preparation, if you want gravy or curry add less water. For Tamil kulambu making you can add more water. This will taste good for plain rice. The gravy is delicious for variety rice, idli, dosai, chapatti and parota.   

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