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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kambu Sadam Recipe Soru and Kanji Preparation

Kambu Sadam Recipe
kambu sadam is the traditional dish of Taminadu. It is still prepared in villages. The taste is excellent with the combination of puli chutney, groundnut chutney and arachuvitta kuzhambu. This is a nutritive meal and good diet for hyperglycemic people. 
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Ingredients required for Kambu Sadam Recipe
Kambu 1 cup
Water 3 cups
Salt as required

Kambu Sadam Recipe Preparation
Clean and wash kambu and soak for about 3 hours.
Then grind the soaked kambu in the mixture grinder by draining the water.
Take a vessel and pour three cups of water, salt and let it to boil.
Then add the ground kambu and stir well. Leave it to boil for 20 minutes in medium flame.
When it gets the consistency of kambu soru keep in sim flame for 5 minutes.
Next daymorning, You can also prepare kambu kanji from the excesses kambu sadam.
The next day morning add fresh curd and salt with the rise and mix well.
This is called kambu kanji, mor milagai(curd chilli) and onion slices are the best combination for  kambu kanji.

Kambu Sadam recipe Side dish Groundnut Chutney 
Roasted groundnut: 100gm
Coconut: 20gm
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Red chilies – 3-4
Garlic – 2 small pod
Salt as required
Curry leaves as required
        Tamarind: 2 pieces
        Grind the above ingredients by adding required water and make the delicious Groundnut Chutney.


London Removal said...

It seems to be very delicious and yummy recipe

Meena said...

Yes, U are right Kambu Sadam Recipe is very tasty. It is one of my Favorite food.

Anonymous said...

We drain the soaking water? But don't we lose nutrients?
I'm scared to soak Kambu it smells if over soaked. Some soak for one hour some for two.

How many times per week is this safe to eat?