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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chittu Kuruvi Legiyam Recipe Home Made Method

Chittu Kuruvi Legiyam Recipe

In ancient days chittu kuruvi legiyam was prepared by using different medicinal plants and herbs. Nowadays the preparation and the usage have reduced due to scientific medical improvement. The benefits of chittu kuruvi legiyam Recipe are more. The main use of the recipe is improvement of Stamina and resistance.  This is also used as Prasava Legiyamby adding ginger and garlic. You can prepare this recipe in half an hour time.

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Chittu Kuruvi Legiyam Recipe Ingredients
100gm pepper
25gm coriander seeds (Malli)
1 tbsp cumin seeds (jeeragam)
1 tbsp Karuvelan seeds
half finger sized ginger(inji)
5 cardamoms (elakka)
10 cloves (lavangam)
50 ml cup ghee
3 tbsp of honey
100gm of powdered jiggery(vellam in Tamil)

Chittu Kuruvi Legiyam Recipe Home Made Preparation Method
1. Clean all the chittu kuruvi legiyam Ingredients before going to start the preparation.
2. Take warm water and soak all the legiyam ingredients. Keep aside for one hour.
3. Keep honey, ghee and jiggery separately.
4. Grind the soaked chittu kuruvi legiyam ingredients. If necessary add water.
5. You should grind the ingredients like a soft paste to get the exact consistency for legiyam.
6.  If you are having 1 cup of paste take 2 cups of jiggery vellam.
7. Put the jiggery vellam in a thick bottomed vessel and add water. Heat this for about 10 min.
8.  Add the ground legiyam paste with jiggery, stir continuously.
9. Then keep it on the stove and continue heating, stirring constantly.
10. Remove it from the stove once it reached the legiyam (semi solid) consistency.
11. Chittu kuruvi legiyam Recipe  is ready. Leave it to cool and pack in a air tight container.
12 This is a best stamina and immune boosting tamil legiyam recipe.


ashaki said...

where is kuruvi.it is not added.

Mohamed Shakel said...

what is karuvelan seeds can you explain ?

Anonymous said...

Karuvepillai seeds