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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Prepare Diwali Legiyam Tamil Medicinal Recipe at Home

Diwali Legiyam Tamil Medicinal Recipe Preration 
Diwali legiyam Tamil medicinal recipe preparation is common in Tamil nadu during Diwali festival. The ingredients used to make diwali legiyam recipe
Are medicinally valuable which makes your stomach clean and improve the digestion.  Here I have given the simple and easy recipe to make diwali legiyam. 

Diwali Legiyam Ingredients
Ginger – 50gm
Jaggery – 100gm
Cumin seed - 25gm
Garlic – 10 cloves
Coriander seeds – 10gm
Ghee – 25gm

How to Prepare Diwali Legiyam Recipe Tamil Style
  1. Soak the cumin and coriander seeds for half an hour.
  2. Get tender ginger part and remove the outer skin
  3. Cut ginger into very small and thin pieces.
  4. Grind the soaked cumin and coriander with ginger.
  5. Now add the powdered jaggery with ground paste
  6. Take a thick bottomed pan, fry the garlic cloves.
  7. Then add the jaggery and ground mixture with fried galic.
  8. Stir continuously by adding ghee, stir for 15 minutes in low flame.
  9. When it comes to Legiyam consistency remove from fire and let to cool.
  10. Diwali Legiyam Recipe Tamil Style preparation is ready to taste.

   Note: Store in air tight container for future use.

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