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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Samayal Kurippugal in Tamil Samayal

Samayal Kurippugal
Ø  During the preparation of semiya payasam recipe tamil style, use chopped dates along with dry grapes to enhance the taste.
Ø  While preparing onion pakoda recipe, fry and make a powder for groundnut add with pakkoda mix to get crispy onion pakkoda.
Ø  Add a cup of coconut milk while preparing sarkarai pongal recipe or sweet pongal recipe. You will get soft delicious pongal.
Ø  IIf you have excess grated coconut, add little salt and fry for a minute in sim flame.  Keep it in an airtight container and use for next day.
Ø  While Preparing Ulunthu vadai recipe, boil 2 potatoes, mash it and add with the Ulunthu mixture. This will reduce the oil absorption and gives you crispy Ulunthu vadai.
Ø  Use nonstick vessel to prepare sweet varieties like palkova recipe, thengai burfi recipe and semiya kesari recipes.
Ø  While you prepare Rava dosa recipe add 2tsp of kadalai mavu to get crispy and tasty Rava dosa recipe.
Ø  In bitter guard or pagarkai kulambu recipe preparation, chopp the pagarkai and add a pinch of turmeric powder, 1tsp jaggery and few drops of lemon juice to remove the bitterness.
Ø  Add a cup of milk instead of water for poori mavu preparation. This will enhance the taste of poori.
Ø  In Thengai burfi recipe preparation add cashew nut and Badam powder to get dofferent taste. It will give a definite shape to the burfi.
Ø  While preparing idli podi add a spoon of fried and powdered coriander. In Tamil sambar podi preparation, at the time of frying add little salt to avoid odor of the chillies.
Ø  While cutting vegetable banana for vazhaikkai poriyal or vazhaipoo for vazhaipoo cutlet dip your hands in salt water to avoid stickiness.  
The above south Indian samayal kurippugal helps you in easy preparation of recipes.

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