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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brahmin Samayal Recipes Tamil Style Sakkarai Pongal Recipe

Brahmin Samayal Recipes
Brahmin samayal is something different. It is nutritious and delicious. T hey usually avoid using spicy and masala ingredients in south indian brahmin samayal preparation. Brahmin samayal in Tamil nadu is unique especially Tamil Style Sakkarai Pongal Recipe prepared in Brahmin samayal can not be prepared in any where. They call it as prasadam, addition of butter and more ghee is the secrete of its delicious taste.
Ingredients required for Brahmin Samayal Recipes in Tamil Style
This is called moong dal pongal recipe or Sakkarai Pongal Recipe
Moong Dal 1 cup
Raw rice (paccharici) 1cup
Milk 1cup
Cashew nut 10
Dry Grapes  10
Cardamom  2
Powdered Jaggery 1.5 cup
Ghee – 150ml
How to Prepare Brahmin Samayal Recipes :  Tamil Style Sakkarai Pongal Recipe
Sakkarai Pongal Recipe is the delicious of all Brahmin Samayal Recipes, here I have given the simple and easy preparation of sakkarai pongal recipe tamilnadu style.
1.   Take a pan add half tsp of ghee, fry Cashew nut and Dry Grapes. Keep it aside.
2.   In the same pan add 1tsp of ghee and fry the moong dal to get golden colour
3.   Soak the moong dal and rice for half an hour before cookin
4.   Take the vessel add, 5 cups of water and milk then add the soaked dal and rice
5.   Cook until it becomes soft, add jaggery when it is half cooked, mix well, pour ghee
6.   Make a powder of cardamom and add to Sakkarai Pongal Recipe
7.   Keep the stove in sim for 5 monutes and finally add the Cashew nut and  dry grapes
8.   If you are preparing sakkarai pongal recipe pressure cooker, cook dal and rice in cooker
9.   Then add jagerry, ghee, cardamom powder, Cashew nut and dry grapes.
10.                Keep stove in sim and cook for another 5 minuts. Now delicious sakkarai pongal recipe cooker Preparation is ready.
The best of Brahmin  Samayal Recipes  Tamil sakkarai pongal recipe is ready to taste.
Note: add ghee, Cashew nut and dry grapes as per your taste

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