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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thengai chutney Tamil nadu style

Thengai chutney 
This is Thengai chutney tamil nadu style. Coconut chutney is prepared and appreciated in all parts of the India. Especially in south India coconut chutney is consumed almost daily at breakfast, lunch and dinner also. Coconut chutney goes will with Idli, Dosa, vada and upma. Here is the tasty recipe for coconut chutney. Thengai chutney recipe kerala style recipe and Tamil nadu varies slightly in its preparation.  

Tamil Thengai chutney recipe ingredients

1 bowl grated coconut

¼ bowl cleaned and chopped coriander leaves

2-3 tablespoon chana dal (dry roast it and use it)

2-3 green chillies (cut into 2-3 pieces)

Curry leaves 8 to 10

Salt as per taste.

For Tempering:

1 spoon oil

½ spoon mustard seeds

½ spoon urad dal (use split dal)

Little amount of asafetida

2 dry red chilies (break into pieces)

Tamil Thengai chutney recipe Preparation

Take a blender and put grated coconut, chopped coriander, roasted chana dal, green chilly pieces, 4-5 curry leaves, salt in it. Add little amount of water in it. Grind the ingredients to make chutney.

Take out the chutney in a bowl. Take a small pan and heat oil in it. Put mustard seed and urad dal in it. When the mustard seeds will start crackling add asafetida, remaining curry leaves and red chilly pieces in oil. Fry for some time and then pour it on coconut chutney in a bowl.

Mix well and serve with yummy recipes. For preservation keep the chutney in refrigerator. It will take 10 to 15 minutes for the preparing this yummy chutney.

Many people add a piece of ginger in chutney for taste. To add little more taste to the coconut chutney a spoon of curd and tamarind paste is used while grinding chutney. If tamarind is not available then you can use lemon juice also.

At many places coconut chutney is made by using red chilies instead of green chilies. It gives different color and taste to the chutney. When the remaining recipe is the same, add red chili pieces instead of green chilies. Add 3-4 garlic cloves, small piece of ginger and tamarind while grinding chutney.

In kerala red chilies are used to make coconut chutney. While grinding 1 tablespoon of sambar onion is used in chutney. They use coconut oil for tempering.

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