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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Diwali 2013 Recipe Adhirasam Recipe in Tamil Nadu Preparation

How to make adhirasam in tamil style
Adhirasam recipe is the most commonly prepared sweet for Diwali festival is my all time favorite. In my childhood, the taste of Adhirasam is excellent with jiggery than sugar preparation. You should be very careful while taking vellam jiggery pagu that is very important for the preparation of diwali special Adhirasam recipe.  
Raw rice (paccharici)
 1 & 1/2 cups 
Jaggery vellam
 1 cup 
 1 tblsp 
cardamon powdered
 2 pinches 
 1 tblsp 
As required
How to make Tamilnadu Adhirasam
Wash and soak the raw rice for three hours and dry in shadow for thirty minutes. Then grind it nicely in rice machine. Sieve it if you want otherwise use it as such.

Powder the jaggery and warm it with water just to drench it. When its totally soluble, channel it to take dusts. Again put in fire and prepare jaggery syrup.
Oil in medium heat dependably and blend frequently. Take care of the consistency by spilling drops in water kept in a little vessel. At starting stage, the syrup disintegrates as you spill in water, then at next stage, it will form thread like string in the water, yet gets broke down when you touch. After this, at one stage, the syrup gets thicker and when you spill in water, then it wont get broke down and you can accumulate it with your fingers and structure a round ball.

This is called rod or thread consistency and this is the stage, you need to put off the heat. Promptly pour it to the flour small by small. Then add cardamom powder and dry ginger powder to the flour and stir nicely.
Keep this mixture for about one day to het fermentation then only it will give soft texture. Next day prepare small ball and spread line chappati. If it is little hard just add warm milk and ghee.

Take a pan heat oil and put this and fry like poori and press the excess oil. Delicious Adhirasam recipe is ready to taste.
adhirasam recipe tips: Sugar syrup should be thread like,
Keep the mixture overnight to get soft adhirasam.

For more details chef dhamus adhirasam recipe tamil video is available in your tube.

adhirasam prepared with jiggery is more tasty than adhirasam with sugar.

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