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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jeera Fried Rice Recipe Indian Tamil Style Preparation

Jeera Fried Rice Recipe Indian (Tamil Nadu) Style 
Jeera in Tamil and cumin seed is having high medicinal value. Jeera fried rice recipe Indian Style Tasty preparation is prepared in all hotels of Tamil Nadu and if you are trying to prepare this at home just follow the below mentioned method. Jeera rice is one of the kids favorite variety rice too. 

Jeera fried rice recipe Ingredients
Basmati rice – 250gm
Jeera - 3tsp
cashew nuts – 3 tsp
Black pepper – 5
Brinji Ilai(Bay leaf ) - 1
water Required
Sugar (Askka)
tsp clove (lavangam )- 3
Cinnamon (Pattai) powder – 1/4tsp
 Big onion – 3
Fresh ghee – 5tsp
salt as required

Jeera fried rice recipe Indian Style Preparation
·         Wash  Basmati rice and soak for half an hour in a slat mixed warer.
·         Take a pan and pour ghee and heat in simflam
·         Then add chopped onion and fry until it becomes golden in colour
·         Transfer the fried onion and fry the cashew nuts in the same ghee
·         Then transfer the cashew and fry the jeera, black pepper, bay leaf.
·           Drain the water and add the rice, fry for 5 minutes
·         Then add sugar and mix well. Stir nicely and mix pattai powder.  
·         Add water and mix required salt. Let it to cook in low flameor (use pressure cooker)
·          If rice is cooked ( non sticky)  add cashew nuts and stir without breaking the rice.
·         Jeera fried rice recipe is ready to taste, now serve the hot with dal or kurma.
For more details visit jeera fried rice recipe video in you tube.
Prepare Jeera Fried Rice Recipe Indian Style tasty Preparation at home and leave your comments.

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