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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tamil Diwali Recipes Brahmin Special Badusha Sweet Tamil Nadu Preparation

Tamil Diwali Recipes 
This is Tamil diwali recipes special sweets Badusha preparation method in Tamil nadu style. Usually we get Diwali sweets snacks tamil Style at the most popular sweet shops like Adayar ananda bhavan but for this festival you try this one of the special diwali recipes Tamil nadu Badusha sweet recipe. The special diwali sweets Tamil nadu are Athirasam, Laddu, Mysore Pak , Jalebi, Coconut Burfi, Badam Halwa and Coconut Burfi . 

Ingredients Needed for Badusha sweet in Tamil Style Preparation
Maita – 1/2 kg
Dalda (melted) - 200 g
Water – ¼ lit
Lemon Salt – 1/4 tsp
Samayal Soda - a pinch
Making Sugar Syrup
Sugar – ½ kg
Water – 1/4 liter

 One of the Delicious Diwali recipes Tamil Nadu Badusha Preparation
I like all the tamil brahmin diwali recipes Prepared at home. Here you can follow this method to prepare Tamil diwali sweet recipe Badusha at home in Brahmin style.  
1.   Take a basin and pour the maida flour. Make a pond in the centre of the flour.
2.   Then add water, dalda, lemon salt and soda in the middle and mix like chapatti flour.    
3.   Leave it for 10 minutes and make like small lemon sized balls.
4.   Then press the middle of the ball by your finger and this shapes like Badusha.
5.   Prepare the sugar syrup by adding ¼ lit water for 1/2kg sugar, boil it for 10 – 15 minutes and stop the flame at sticky consistency.
6.   Now fry the maida balls at very low temperature. First they settle at the botton and float after a minute.
7.    Fry until it becomes golden brown (fully fired). Remove it and filter the excess oil.
8.   Now add the fried Badusha in the warm sugar syrup and let it be for five minutes.
9.   Remove it after five minutes and add extra sugar syrup on each.
Delicious diwali recipe  Tamil nadu home made Badusha is ready to taste.

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