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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simple Tasty Rasam recipe Tamil Style Easy Kollu Rasam Preparation

Tasty Rasam Recipe 
Kollu Rasam is the delicious and very tasty rasam recipe. In Tamil nadu people usually prepare this recipe to cure common cold, cough and chest congestion. Kollu recipes are medicinally and important in siddha maruthuvam. Here I have given the very simple and easy preparation of  Kollu Rasam recipe in Tamil method.

Ingredients required for Tasty Rasam recipe Kollu Rasam
Kollu (horse gram ) water – 250ml
(Boil 100gm of kollu in a pressure cooker  and extract the juice)
Tamarind – coin size
Pepper – 1/2tsp
Cumin seed – 1/2tsp
 Curry leaves – little
Coriander leaves –  little
Garlic –  4
Red dry chillies – 2
Salt – as per taste

Simple Rasam recipe Kollu Rasam Preparation
  • Soak the tamarind and extract juice. Mix the tamarind juice with kollu soup,
  • Dry fry the jeera, pepper and curry leaves and prepare the rasam powder or,
  • Use the ready made rasam podi available in the market and keep it aside,
  • Mix the rasam podi and smashed garlic with with kollu juice,
  • Add salt and keep on the stove, switch off in foam stage (just before boiling),
  • Saut√© mustard I 1/2tsp of oil, add red chillies and coriander leaves. Mix with kollu rasam
  • Sprinkle asafetida and add chopped coriander leaves.  
  • Easy Tasty Rasam recipe kollu rasam is ready. Best recipe for fever and cold. 

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