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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tamil diwali sweets recipes badusha recipe 2015 preparation

This is Tamil diwali sweets recipes badusha recipe 2015 preparation. Indian diwali sweets preparation is special on festival day. But nowadays we can get diwali sweets online, but home made sweet preparation is always special. Badusha is one of the famous Deepawali sweets, which many ladies find difficult to prepare. Here is detail recipe of the soft and yummy sweet Badusha for upcoming deepawali festival:

Badusha Tamil recipe ingredients
Maida: 4 cups
Baking soda: ½ tablespoon
Mixture of Ghee and oil ½ cups
Curd: 4 tablespoon
Water: for making dough
Oil or ghee for frying
Almond, cashew and pista for garnishing.

For Sugar Syrup:
Water: 1 cup
Sugar: 2 cup
Lemon juice: ½ cup
Little amount of saffron.

How to prepare badusha Tamil recipe
Take a bowl and add mixture of ghee and oil, baking soda and curd in it. Now mix this mixture well and keep on beating it for 10 to 15 minutes.

When all the ingredients are mixed well, add maida in the bowl. Now mix the entire mixture using your fingers. Add sufficient amount of water in the mixture to make soft dough.

Be sure that your dough is not sticky at all and it does not contain any cracks. Avoid making the hard dough as the Badushas made with it will not become soft even.

Now cover the dough and keep it aside for 10 to 15 minutes. When the dough is kept for setting, you can prepare sugar syrup.

Add sugar and water and take a boil until the syrup gives one string consistency. Add drops of lemon juice and saffron strands in syrup and take away from the flame.

Make equal size balls of the dough. Take ball in your hand and make it flat by pressing it in palms. Now press the Badusha little deeper in the centre.
Repeat the same process for rest of the dough. Heat oil or ghee in the pan and fry all the badushas.

While frying, use low or medium flame only. Fry slowly until the badushas change their color in golden brown. Frying badushas on high flame will keep them uncooked from inside.

Dip the fried badushas in warm sugar syrup. Keep them for few minutes and then take them out and keep in plate.

Now it is time to decorate your badushas. Spread finely chopped dry fruits on the ready badushas. Your tasty Badushas are ready to enjoy!
For diwali sweets recipes in tamil video in you tube.

Some important tips:
Don’t use more amount of baking soda while making the dough.
Use Vanaspati ghee to make dough for better texture.
Make sure that the dough is not cracked otherwise the Badushas will also get cracked while frying.
Adding cardamom powder in sugar syrup will give additional taste to the badushas.

You can store badushas for 4-5 days at room temperature.

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