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Friday, February 28, 2014

Vetrilai Recipes Vetrilai Poondu rice Vethalai Saddam

Vetrilai Recipes Medicinal Uses
This is about vetrilai recipes vetrilai poondu rice vethalai saddam. Beteel plant is called vetrilai kodi in Tamil. It is not only used as a thing after digestion but it has many medicinal benefits. vetrilai recipes
The recipes are advised in ayurvedham to cure some diseases.  The popular vethalai recipes are
vetrilai saddam or vetrilai sadam
vethalai rice
vetrilai poondu rice
vetrilai kuzhambu
vethalai rasam

Vetrilai Recipes 
To get vetrilai medicinal properties the above recipes are prepared.
vetrilai saddam or vetrilai sadam Preparation
vethalai rice preparation is simple and easy
Take a cup of cooked basmati rice, keep ready with 3 finely cut betel leaves, chopped onion 1no.
Put some oil and add the sautéing ingredients, muatrad, curry leaves, onion, betel leaves, fry gently and add the cooked rice and salt. Mix well, betel rice is ready to taste.  
Vetrilai poondu rice: for the preparation of vetrilai poondu rice do as the above mentioned method including 10 garlic cloves fried in oil.
Vetrilai kuzhambu: prepare same like karuveppilai kuzhambu add half the amount of curry leaves and 5 betel leaves chopped and fried.
Vethalai rasam: Take 1tsp tomato paste, turmeric paste and vetrilai paste each add in a cup of water. Prepare the powder if 1tsp cumin seed, pepper, curry leaves each, a pinch of asafetida. Add the powder with the water mix and let for a boil by adding salt.

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