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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crispy Arisi Murukku Recipe Tamil Nadu PonGal Day Special Snacks Preparation

Arisi Murukku Recipe Tamil
This is Pondal Day 2013 Special Snacks, Crispy Arisi Murukku Recipe Tamil Nadu preparation. Murukku recipe in Tamil nadu is very popular during the festival time like Diwali and Pongal. Here I have given the easy and simple preparation of Arisi Murukku Recipe in Tamil style.

Ingredients required for Arisi Murukku Recipe Tamil Nadu Style
Raw rice – 1 cup
Urad dal –  1/4 cup
Boiled rice – 1/ cup
Cumin seed – 3tsp
Sesame – 2tsp
Butter – 100gm
Salt as per taste

How to prepare Crispy Murukku Tamil Nadu recipe
  1. Fry the urad dal into golden brown with out adding oil or anything,
  2. Then fry the boiled rice in the same manner into golden brown,
  3. Then grind the raw, boiled rice and urad dal nicely by giving to a machine,
  4. Then take the required amount of flour, add salt, cumin seed, sesame and required amount of water.
  5. Mix well like chapatti flour and prepare   rice murukku recipe in Tamil style.
  6. This  is an Arisi Murukku Recipe Tamil Nadu Pongal Day Special Snacks.
  7. The tasty will be good and it is very crispy to. Children like this snake very much.
  8. Arisi murukku recipe video preparation is available in you tube.

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