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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nellikai Dishes / Nellikai Recipes

Thisi s Nellikai Dishes and  Nellikai Recipes in sweet and curry.
nellikai is a Tamil word for the fruit called Amla. nellikai benefits are more and it is a medicinally important fruit used to cure many diseases medicinal uses of Nellikai the above like give the detailed information of medicinal values of the amla frult.
nellikai is easily available and you can make many sweet and chutney, kulambu and other khara food recipes by using this ingredients.

Nellikai sweet Varities
nellikai sweet pickle
 Cut in to small pieces, prepare sugar syrup. Soak the cut pieces in the sugar syrup for some time. This is called nellikai sweet pickle. Nellikai and jiggery preparation gives nice taste. This is also called Nellikai candy.

Nellikai lehyam recipe
Take a cup of grated amla, and prepare  jaggery syrup 1 piece of jaggery. Add  1tsp cumin seed, 1tsp pepper, and 1 clove and grated amla in the sugar syrup. Stir continuously by adding little ghee.

Nellikai payasam
Add the grated amla, and cooked javvarisi sago in the boiling milk, add sugar, cardamom powder, cashew and dry fruits.

Nellikai halwa recipe
Take a cup of grated amla, boil for three minutes by adding 5m ml of mlik. Then add sugar, cardamom powder, fried cashew nut, and dry grapes. Stir continuously by adding a cup of ghee.

Nellikai murabba
Take equal amount of grated amla and coconut, preparer sugar syrup. Add 2tsp of ginger juice in the sugar syrup. Now add the coconut and amla. Stir continuously and prepare like purfi.   
Nellikai juice uses
Take the solid extract from amla, add sugar syrup as required for making juice. Nellikai juice uses are more in Tamil ayurvedic medicine.

Nellikai jam recipe
Add grated amla in the boiling sugar syrup, add a cup of milk and cardamom powder. Mix continuously until it comes to jam consistency.

Nellikai powder
Sun dry the grated amla in prepare powder. One of the well-known Nellikai powder benefits is hair fall reduction.

 Nellikai chutney and Khara Varieties
Nellikai saaru or Nellikai sambar
This is like usual sambar preparation by using drum stick or brinjal. For the making nellikai sambar keep ready with already boiled amla. Then cook dal, add tamarind jucie, onion, tomato, cooked amla, and salt. Let to boil for some time. finally add ingu and coriander leaves. Sauté with mustard and curry leaves.  

Nellikai soup or nellikai rasam
Take one or two amla, grind nicely like a fine paste, prepare the powder of cumin, pepper and asafotida. Add 2 cups of water and salt with the paste and let to boil for five minutes. Finally add the powdered ingredients.  

Nellikai thokku or nellikai gojju
Cut the amla into very thin pieces, put some oil in a pan, add mustard, cut pieces, chilli powder and salt. Let it to cook for some time by adding little water. nellikai gojju goes good with chapatti and roti.

Nellikai Thuvaiyal or nellikai chutney
Fry the grated amla for few minutes, keep it aside then add cumin seed, pepper, red chillies, coconut 1 piece and salt. Fry the ingredients and grind like chutney. This is also called nellikai thogayal.

Nellikai thayir pachadi
Take fresh curd 1 cup, finely cut amal ¼ cup finely cut carrot ¼ cup, finely cut cucumber ¼ cup. Add salt with the ingredients and mix with the curd. Nellikai pachadi is the best combination for biryani.

Nellikai thailam
Nellikai thailam is uses to treat headache and body pain. Add a cup of dried amla in coconut oil and let it to boil for fifteen minutes to twenty in sim flame then use the oil as thailam.

Nellikai pickle or Nellikai oorugai
Cut amla into small pieces, add salt and keep it aside. Mix well the salted amla daily twice or thrice. After three days pour 100ml gingelly oil, add mustard, fenugreek seed, curry leaves and pour the salted amla in the oil fry gently. The varieties prepared are chinna nellikai oorugai, periya nellikai urugai and arai nellikai oorugai.

Nellikai sadam or nellikai rice
Cooked rice 1 cup, grated amla ¼ cup, chopped onion, green chillies. Take a pan, add oil and sauté mustard, curry leaves then add the onion, chillies, turmeric and grated amla. Fry for some time in low flame. Finally add the salt and cooked rice. Stir nicely and garnish with coriander leaves.  This is also called nellikai chitranna in Kannada.

Nellikai Dosa
Add chopped onion, green chilies, curry leaves, coriander leaves, grted coconut, grated, carrot and grated amla with dosa flour. Prepare thin dosa by using ghee.

Nellikai vathal or dried nellikai
Cook amla by adding salt, pepper and chilli powder, let it to cool. Keep in sum light until it dries completely. Then fry in the oil like moor milagai vathal.

Nellikai kuzhambu
Fry cumin, pepper coriander seeds, fry onion, curry leaves, coconut  and red chilli. Grinde the masala paste keep it aside.
Now fry the cut pieces of amla in oil and add and add the masala, salt, wate and let it to cook for ten minutes.


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